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How do you like your Vampires?

Stone Evil and Vicious?Realistic or Romantic?Both or In-Between?

Psychic crime detection can have eternal consequences... What would you risk to gain the power of the gods? Think you know what really happened in the 1960s? Revised and Updated Second Edition! EVERYTHING about vampires on TV!
Mortal Touch The Longer the Fall All the Shadows of the Rainbow Un-Dead TV
Mortal Touch
by Inanna Arthen
The Longer the Fall
by Inanna Arthen
All the Shadows
of the Rainbow

by Inanna Arthen
Un-Dead TV
by Brad Middleton

Vamps took her girl, now vengeance belongs to Justine A mother will cross any line to reclaim her daughter Teresa, Simone and Justine will never stop hunting for justice "Ludlum plus Lovecraft" plus a little Blade...complex alt-universe thriller Montgomery Quinn can fight any evil on earth...except his own past
Blood Justice Blood on the Water Blood on the Bayou Krymsin Nocturnes Nocturnes in Purgatory
Blood Justice
by David Burton
Blood on the

by David Burton
Blood on the Bayou
by David Burton
Krymsin Nocturnes
by Joseph Armstead
Nocturnes in Purgatory
by Joseph Armstead

Gay vampire Gideon's four century search for redemption and love Joshua and Gideon's tangled love story goes on forever... From the Elizabethan stage to modern Toronto, Adrian Talbot pursues an elusive dream
Gideon Redoak Cliff Road Chronicles All Places That Are Not Heaven
Gideon Redoak
by Anne Fraser
The Cliff Road Chronicles
by Anne Fraser
All Places That Are Not Heaven
by Anne Fraser

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