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About Us

Ageless myth...undying metaphor.
The vampire is the face we see in our darkest mirrors.

Our mission:

The only small press owned and operated by a recognized expert in vampire folklore, media and culture, By Light Unseen Media was founded in 2006. Our mission is to explore and celebrate the variety, imagination and ambiguities of the vampire theme in fiction, history and the human psyche.

No other mythic trope remotely approaches the vampire as an ever-changing and evolving mirror of the zeitgeist, deepest fears and most fervent fantasies of each successive generation--and none ever will.

Particular trends and treatments rise and fall in popularity, but the vampire will never go out of style. By Light Unseen Media offers fiction and non-fiction that transcends the popular cliches of the day and demonstrates the creative variety and infinite potential of the vampire motif.

Our Publishing Philosophy:

As a new small press in a violently transforming industry, By Light Unseen Media embraces several new publishing models for their economic and environmentally-friendly benefits. We utilize digital printing technology (also known as "print quantity needed" or "print on demand") to avoid the obscene waste of traditional printing, in which vast quantities of unsold books are returned to publishers and pulped. Our books are priced competitively, with standard discounts to wholesalers and retailers, and are fully returnable. We receive very few returned copies, however, so we never withhold royalties from our authors against future returns as large publishers typically do.

We have been on the leading edge of the exploding ebook market since 2007. Amazon released the first Kindle in November of 2007 and our books were in the Kindle Store in December of 2007. We were in the Apple iBookstore the day it opened and the Google ebook store the day that it launched.

Our first priority is our readers. Our next priority is our authors. By Light Unseen Media pays its authors a seventy percent royalty of net on all ebook sales and fifty percent of net on other editions. We pay royalties on net to allow the greatest flexibility in book pricing, promotion and rapid adaptation to new technologies. We're in this business to earn a living, and we fully appreciate that our authors want to do the same.

We strongly believe that the large entertainment corporations will soon implement policies that will not benefit authors or small publishers (or readers, in the long run). Our business model is designed to survive these trends.

By Light Unseen Media welcomes comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism from readers, writers and any other interested individuals. Authors who would like to submit a book query, please see the Submission Guidelines.

Contact Us

By Light Unseen Media is owned and operated by Inanna Arthen and is located in Winchendon, Massachusetts. We may be contacted at:

By Light Unseen Media
325 Lakeview Dr.
Winchendon, MA 01475

978 / 297-1730 (phone and fax)

General Inquiries:
vyrdolak [at] bylightunseenmedia [dot] com
Orders and Sales:
sales [at] bylightunseenmedia [dot] com

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