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July 7, 2024

Read all four Blood Justice books on sale during July!

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From BLOOD ON THE WATER by David Burton:

As they drove through Salem, Teresa woke up.

Justine said, “Don’t worry Tee. We won’t let them hang you.”

“Jesu, I wish they would. A damn broken arm is not supposed to hurt this much. What did you do to me?” She reached for her first aid kit, fumbling for pain pills.

“I set the bone. There may have been some damage, and unfortunately, glamour does not last.”

“Mierda. If you are immortal, and we’re going to travel together, you both have to go to medical school. Si?”

“We’ll sign up as soon as we find your daughter,” Justine said. “But before you down all those pills in your hand, tell us where to go.”

“That’s a tempting thought.” Teresa washed down three Vicodin.

“Tee, we can’t go to a doctor or an Emergency Room. The police, and who knows who else, are looking for us. Grace can fix your arm, but we have to find the person to take us to her.”

“Kazza told us you would know where to find him when the time came. Time’s here, mi Bruja.”

Teresa seemed to ignore Simone. Her body stiffened, then her eyes fluttered closed and she melted onto the seat. “Those pills work…faaast. Rockport, sorceress, Ian.” And Teresa was out.

“Rockport seems pretty straightforward.”

Simone grunted, staring out the side window at the dark passing sea. “You Young Bloods, always so naive.”


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