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July 3, 2024

BLUM Titles 75% off During July on Smashwords!

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From MORTAL TOUCH by Inanna Arthen:

“About a half mile down the road, close enough to the dairy farm for even Sean to catch an occasional whiff of manure on the breeze, Jonathan stopped in the road. He was looking at another narrow cut-in from the main road into the woods on the north. This one appeared to be used from time to time—there was less grass growing in it, and there were heavy tire tracks that appeared to have been made not long ago. By now the sky was light and Sean could see quite a bit in the pre-dawn twilight. He followed Jonathan’s gaze and saw the small outbuilding, set among the trees. Despite the cheerful bird song all around them, Sean felt his knees go weak. “Do you think…?” he said, his voice shaking. Jonathan abruptly started toward the outbuilding, walking fast, not bothering to examine the ground at the mouth of the drive. The door to the building was tightly closed and hooked with a rusted iron staple dropped into the loop of a hasp. As Sean caught up with him, Jonathan removed the staple and tossed it away, pulling the door open wide. The musty cool air inside gusted out over them, and Sean fell back, gagging. Even he could smell the stench of wet dirt and blood.”

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