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September 12, 2016

Yes, By Light Unseen Media is definitely alive!

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In the last few months, I’ve received two emails from authors asking if By Light Unseen Media was still in business. They were wondering, they said, because “nothing has been posted on the website since 2013.”

By “website” they mean this blog, of course. We’ve released a couple of titles since then, but that’s not obvious from the book descriptions or main page. So, I have to apologize! I didn’t blog very regularly, as it was, and I haven’t been posting on the blog at all since 2013.

Partly that’s because BLUM has a Facebook page (, and I’ve been posting updates, cover reveals and news articles there. I’ve been updating the website, too, but if you’re visiting for the first time after seeing our name in a writers’ market list, you don’t know that.

By Light Unseen Media is most definitely open for business! Our titles are all in print and available, we are not in financial trouble, our authors get paid their royalties due promptly, and we’re not planning to go anywhere. Since that last blog post below, we’ve put new covers on most of our titles, and released A Most Malignant Spirit by Zvi Zaks, Blood on the Water by David Burton, and a special Kindle exclusive bundle of the Diana books by Inanna Arthen under the title Fortune’s Fool. In the next month or so–we’re fast-tracking it–we’ll be releasing a completely revised and updated second edition of Brad Middleton’s compendium of vampire-themed television shows, Un-Dead TV.

I won’t deny that we’ve been very quiet. Book sales took a nosedive in 2012 and I’m still trying to bring them back up, using various tactics including social media, paid ads with Bing, Amazon and Facebook, NetGalley, and special bundled editions for Kindle Unlimited. Results have not been as strong as I hoped, and because of this, I’ve been holding off on new acquisitions.

If you’re an author with a story that meets our submission guidelines, you’re welcome to submit a query. I’m very behind on responding to queries because I’ve had to take on other part time work to pay the bills. But By Light Unseen Media is open for submissions and I hope to expand our catalog and boost sales this fall. I sold my house and moved to a new town this summer, and financially things are looking up.

And I’ll try to update this blog more often!


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