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August 15, 2012

CITY OF PROMISE by Dawn Prough is released today!

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You can order City of Promise by Dawn Prough directly from By Light Unseen Media or from online retailers. It will soon be available for order through your favorite independent bookstore (as soon as Indiebound catches up with the listings). Ask your local library to order a copy!

Science-fiction and vampire stories rarely mix. Prough’s exciting and fast-paced story is set in the year 2063 in the metropolis of Gideon: a city planned and governed by scientists and built to float in the Atlantic ocean, where it is outside the claims of any country or nation. Having exposed the existence of vampires to the world and triggered a brutal persecution, Gideon became the only safe haven for the vampires who survive, offering them housing and a “work for blood” program of menial night jobs. But this glittering new city’s prosperity is already attracting organized crime. Vampire Misty Sauval wants nothing more than to stay safe and legal, but she plunges headlong into warring gangs when she helps a mysterious injured stranger she discovers on her way home from an unusually rough night on the job.

Featuring a diverse cast of characters and a vividly drawn futuristic setting, City of Promise is an entertaining read. Don’t miss it!

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