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November 27, 2007

We’ve been Kindled!

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Mortal Touch is now available for wireless download to your Amazon Kindle!

Click here to download the full text for only $9.99. All of By Light Unseen Media’s future catalog will be available as Kindle downloads as of their official release date. Check our website to stay informed about our forthcoming books.

New Reviews for Mortal Touch

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Mortal Touch has had several online and print reviews in the past few weeks.

Mayra Calvani’s comprehensive review for her website, Dark Phantom Reviews, was selected for syndication and has appeared on, Slippery Book Blog,’s online book section, and several other sites. Thank you, Mayra! Tom Elliott reviewed Mortal Touch for the November/December issue of Mensa Bulletin. Thank you, Tom! A great review of Mortal Touch by Vicky London has been posted to the Vampire Genre website. Thank you, Vicky! Love Vampires Reviews and Blog is listing Mortal Touch in its sidebar as a featured title for November, and is running our animated banner. Do take a look at these excellent websites! You can read excerpts of the reviews here.

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